AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security

Malwares and viruses have always been infecting your PC but things are getting severe now. They are stealing your most personal files, photos, passwords and can even peep into your house hacking your webcam. The results can be destructive. AVG Internet security is proving itself a great reliever from such destructions to happen. Find out some superb features of AVG Internet security below:

Go through the points below briefing the authentic features of AVG tune up.

  • Email shield technology of AVG Internet security aims email attachments. These attachments can bring malwares into your PCs via emails.
  • Webcam and other private files are protected to be accessed by any suspicious application
  • Ransomware Protection with an extra level of protection to fight against the Ransomwares.
  • Enhanced Firewall of AVG Internet security allows to gain full hold of what can come in and what can go out of your PC
  • Protection while payments. Either you are banking or shopping; you need this extra protection to keep your banking information safe. AVG blocks spam and scams and helps to avoid fraud websites, to keep you from accidentally giving your credit/debit card number, passwords or any bank account credentials.


You can download this amazing software i.e AVG Internet Security from www.avg.com/retail. To download and install follow the steps given below:

  • Uninstall any other pre-installed antivirus program from your system. This can hinder the performance and can cause run and installation error. This can be done easily by navigating to control panel and further to programs. Lookk for the program and remove it.
  • Now you can download AVG program from avg.com/retail. The downloaded file must be in .exe format .
  • Save the file at your preferred location
  • Double click this executable file to install the program on your system
  • Follow the on screen instructions and wait till it finishes
  • You will be asked to enter your AVG account credentials. If you don’t own one, you can create a new account. Look for the option ‘Create an account here’
  • Make sure AVG Firewall is enabled on your system.
  • Once done; you are all set to scan your PC

You can update your plan from the same link i.e avg.com/retail in case it gets expired. Also if you face any issues you can connect to AVG technical support services via its official link support.avg.com. Enjoy the safe and secure web surfing experience with AVG internet security.

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