AVG Tune up amazing features

AVG Tune up amazing features

Like other products of AVG, AVG Tune up is a great program which not only detects threats on your system but also works as an optimization tool for your PC and helps in improving its efficiency. So with this program you can increase the life of your old computer getting all round maintenance automatically. AVG Tune up comes with a PC optimizer which has revamped sleep mode technology which enhances the performance efficiency of your system.

Go through the points below briefing the authentic features of AVG tune up.

  • Cleans and fixes issues with your system registry
  • Cleans up junk files , cookies, temp. files, program leftovers to free up disk space
  • Optimizes the efficiency of your PC by putting the unused programs to sleep mode. These programs otherwise hinders the efficiency by snapping up PC memory and CPU.
  • Looks for the unwanted softwares like trial versions, toolbars which takes unnecessary space and remove them
  • Gets your programs updated
  • Prevent security issues, bugs & irritating installers
  • Software Updater in this program ensures that your installed software like Java, VLC and Skype, are updated to their latest available versions.


With so many features this software becomes unresistable to download. You can download this software from avg.com/retail Once downloaded install by clicking on the setup file – hit ‘Run’

After installing the AVG setup, you can visit www.avg.com/activate to activate it. For activation you can use any of the methods below

  • Activation using license key
  • Activation using AVG account


Get this amazing program on your system soon and keep your important data protected and your PC virus free and much more efficient then earlier.

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