Brief About AVG Antivirus

Brief About AVG Antivirus

Do you know, what is Antivirus and how it works? Along with this, you will also be given information that the best for your computer and mobile phone Antivirus means free and paid from both of them. Whenever they were new, they were There were also gods to stop it. In the same way today, like Antivirus Devata, working in computer Bring For download or

You will store and store Memories and Personal data for your computer to be celebrated.

personal data like image, videos, movies, mp3 files and with it some personal

There are also documents like "PDF Files , Scan ed Files, Certificate". But because of your carelessness

Computer Virus sneaks into your computer from the Internet and some Surrey sources like Pen Drive

Go After this or what happens, you will know well. You can also add data to your computer

They were all missing or even corrupted. This is a program (code). You can also say that this is the software that computer the fisherman searches the entire Virus program and removes it from the computer. Give. It can also say that it works for computers like Safeguard which like Malware Computer Worms saves Trojan Horse .

Computer Virus or is and how to finish it

Pet ya Ransom-ware or How to Save It

How to hackers while doing online banking?

I mean to say, this good software removes all the programs that

There is a loss factor for the computer. Now you are thinking that the Haikai program is a virus, yes, the virus too

There is only one program. The person who makes these two is also a person. Example: - AVG

So now I know how I work

How Computer Mate Virus Software Works?

First of all, let us understand it in easy language. Its work in simple language as understood by everyone

Would like to explain Signature (impression) or Virus of all Virus before Antivirus

Definition Files are. These Robust files list of Malware (Computer Virus) in these files

And their possible information is kept. Virus Definition has to be understood to understand this for download AVG

Virus Definition Antivirus created virus definition cannot be identified by identity/ malware. That's why Virus Definition has to be updated. Virus inside UNK Malware definition the signature remains. Internet Majors already contain their names and information related to malware. In this Definition Whenever a file is infected with malware or scanned if any malware is detected So the first Antivirus checks it with Virus definition similar or not. Virus Definition Some malware properties and similar programs remain. So it is also hacked Always update Virus Definition to Antivirus company.

First of all, this software scans all the files inside computers. Whenever a file Matches with Signature (Imprint) or Virus Definition Files. At the same time repair that file or Delete. By the way, the action you take is the same thing that you do when the computer Virus program enters inside the computer so that computer files work with this behavior, the hack is known, something is wrong inside File Computer. ACTION immediately above Taking becomes good. Now, with the help of some technical methods, know how to find a Virus in the Computer is applied.

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