How Antivirus Detects Malware

How Antivirus Detects Malware

The most hacked work is the same DATA of 500-1000 GB in the entire system.

Let us find out which way it is detected.

Signature-based detection

Heuristic-based detection

Behavioral-based detection

Sandbox detection

Data mining techniques

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1 Signature-Based Detection

This is the oldest way to find COMPUTER Virus. Like computer

. Exe Files all have to match with Virus Definition Files or all malware

match with type. Whenever an unknown file is identified then the action over it

Is taken.

Masses are scanned in this Signature-based technique. If there is no technique

When downloading the application, the first software is scanned. Install after

What is done? That's why this advice is hacked whenever you download a software

Scan already Once your system is infected, remove it

It is a difficult thing to do

# 2 Heuristic-Based Detection

These detection techniques and Signature-based detestation are used to manipulate

are. The heuristic technique is nowadays used in the Antivirus. virus definition

With the help of this technology, the new and old Virus was also discovered in the absence of file

Can. It does not need to be the latest virus definition.

The heuristic I suspect a virtual environment makes the code or application and

It seems which hack program is trying to give effect to this application. this

Methods Reserve Real Software can also be saved. This detection is very common and used for controls the signature-based process .

# 3 Behavioral-based detection

This is also a special Detection method to find viruses. Who's Intrusion Detection

The mechanism is also spoken. This is typical of the hack of Behavior of malware

detects It also detects malware when corrupt or all files are blocked or

curses cursor. But they do not have a mechanism in Detection.

# 4 Sandbox Detection

A nearly behavioral-based detection mechanism performs the task. In this mechanism

The program is run in a virtual environment. Now in this process the program

Behavior is identified. If the anti-virus is detected, this program is Malicious

So action is taken on it.

# 5 Data Mining Techniques

This is now the latest Trending Technology of the time. Of some special programs

Features Program from the data mining technique is malicious or not known.

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