How to install  and activate AVG Antivirus Program

How to install and activate AVG Antivirus Program

The blog is about the easy installation steps to help you our with the installation process of AVG antivirus. While installing the software, many a times users get to face issues with the process Below steps will guide you to the whole process of installation to activation.

  • Before you start with the installation make sure of the two things
    • 1) The system fulfills all the system requirements for the software
    • 2) You have the set up downloaded from the
    • 3) You must have the license key of the product to be installed.( You would have received in on your maid Id after you ordered the AVG set-up)
    • 4) You have registered with AVG at AVG my account.

  • Now Open AVG folder setup from the location where you saved it after downloading it from
  • Double click the set-up and select ‘RUN Installation’
  • You will see the dialogue box starting the set up installation.
  • Conform to the instructions by clicking Yes or I agree.
  • Once the AVG antivirus is installed; the next step is to activate it.
  • While you install the AVG software, copy the activation code and further enter it in the appeared box.
  • Later putting down 25 string AVG activation code, accept the terms and conditions
  • Click Next
  • Advisable to restart the device after installation for a better run.

Now your system and its data is all protected from getting stealed, hacked, decrypted or attacked by viruses.

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