Virus Detection

The primary function of antivirus software is to detect and remove computer viruses. This is generally done by local scanning of the database in your computer . This database is updated regularly, after being compared to the stored database of known  virus signatures. This is done often several times each day, in order to ensure that your antivirus program has the most up-to-date virus definitions to detect all known virus threats.

Malware Removal

AVG antivirus software also detects and removes malware and other harmful programs that may be installed on your computer. It  includes  malware detection and removal of viruses  to ensure  complete protection for your computer.

System Analysis

AVG antivirus  keeps your monitoring your system regularly. As and when recognize the system problems that are likely caused by a virus, the software initiates with a scan to detect the cause of the problem. If the scan detects a virus, the infected file will be quarantined, deleted, or otherwise treated.

File Quarantine

The ability to quarantine files without deleting them is a significant feature because  the file quarantine feature  protects your computer against false positives during virus scans. If you  set up  the AVG antivirus to quarantine files for later review, the detected file is suspended  from system resources but is not deleted until you manually choose to delete it or a pre-set period of time has passed. If the file is safe you have the option of removing it from quarantine and protecting it from future detection.

Threat recognition

As new viruses and malware threats are released, AVG antivirus  assists  in their recognition. Once any new viruses being officially identified it is added to virus definition files, ensuring more complete protection  for you .

Online Security

AVG antivirus software helps in  protection  against malware and other threats, also keeps  you safe online. It features built-in infringement detection, scam monitoring, and phishing recognition alert for you  if someone attempts to access your system  from a remote location or if a website attempts to redirect your browser or steal your personal information. Unsecured sites ,information or pages with potentially harmful downloads may be blocked, protecting your computer by preventing the damaging action before it gets downloaded.

Data Security

Since  there is always  a threat of file corruption or other damage if a virus isn’t detected immediately, AVG  antivirus software offers online backups of vital files that can later be restored if the files become infected, corrupted, or otherwise damaged.

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How to successfully install the software

The installation of the AVG software is really simple and even non technical users can do that. Before you start with the process, the user needs to ensure to have administrator access to Windows, else the installation wouldn’t be possible.

While you are installing the antivirus program make sure that no other programs are running during the installation of the antivirus.

Even if you have the installer downloaded on the flash drive, you need to be connected to the internet to download additional files and updates.

Download the installer for AVG AntiVirus FREE by clicking the button and save it in a location of your choice on your PC (such as your Windows desktop).

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