Types Of Scans In Antivirus And About AVG Antivirus

Types Of Scans In Antivirus And About AVG Antivirus

Types of scans in an antivirus: All of these different types of detection capabilities are fine, but another, equally important, is to know how many ways an antivirus scans to protect the system.

Antivirus programs offer regular scanners that look for known Viruses in the hard drive.

Today in the modern world modern security solutions provide a full range of scanning. These include both traditional and behavioral-based scans.


1) On-Demand Scanning:

A traditional scan is run or scanned on schedule when the user requests.

Such scans search the contents of disks, Directories, and files, as well as boot sectors and system components. Traditional disk scans are either used as a Preventive maintenance activity or when a virus is detected.


2) Real-Time Protection:

It is also another known as a background guard.

This type of scanning is related to automatic scanning, which almost all modern antivirus programs offer.

It monitors any suspicious activity in real-time, while the data is loaded into active memory. For example, when a USB is plugged in or a browser is opened, or a downloaded file is executed. This type of scanning can reduce the performance of the system, but it is very important for protection.


Detection Rates in Antivirus

Different antivirus programs have different detection rates, including both virus definition and Heuristics. Very few antivirus companies may have more effective

heuristics and release more virus definitions than their competitors, resulting in their higher detection rates.

Some organizations perform regular tests by comparing these antivirus programs with each other. One such organization is AVG-Antivirus, which regularly releases antivirus detection tests. 

Difference Between Paid and Free Antivirus

Antivirus software is either free or paid. These free and paid versions have some basic differences.


The main difference between the free and paid versions of antivirus is that the free version has the most basic features available, while the paid version has more advanced features that provide more comprehensive security for the device.

The biggest drawback of going with free antivirus is that you do not get technical support. Along with this, advertising can also be included in some free Entities.

There are many antivirus programs. But the top antivirus in the whole world which is AVG antivirus also available in retail




AVG is supported windows 10,8,7 and it is also available in retail for more detail go on the above link to get information about AVG software which is for retailers also.

Most of the people look price and quality so I suggest AVG software price is good and quality is best.

Customer support available and responsive.

AVG is user-friendly and very easy to download from the website and it's easy to install.

During installation, you have to follow the following steps.

Acceptance to agreement terms and conditions during the installation of the antivirus.

Before installation uninstall the last antivirus if any otherwise it creates a problem because in one system only one antivirus allowed except windows defender.

I hope all the above information are use-full to us.

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