What Are AntiVirus Software And How AVG AntiVirus Work

What Are AntiVirus Software And How AVG AntiVirus Work?

Anti-virus software is software that detects, prevents , and removes viruses, worms and other malware from a computer. Antivirus software can also remove or prevent spyware and adware, along with viruses.

Most anti-virus This allows new virus definitions to be downloaded, and anti-virus programs can detect new viruses. Antivirus programs are required for any computer, laptop, or smartphone.

We need antivirus software because in today's world any PC that does not have effective antivirus software installed can be infected in a few minutes when it is connected to

the internet. But some users feel that if their PC is not connected to the Internet, then they do not need antivirus.

But, without antivirus, when users insert the infected USB drive or DVD into their PC, their PC is immediately infected with the virus .

Today, computers as well as other devices, such as smartphones or tablets, are constantly being bombarded with viruses that damage devices or steal sensitive data that can be used

So if you bring something (a file or an email) from somewhere else on your computer, then you can bring a virus on your computer.

How do you know if your computer is infected with viruses?

Computer viruses can come to your computer through the Internet, email messages, software and other things downloaded from the Internet or other sources, network drives, USB drives.

9 most common reasons why your PC may be infected with viruses or malware

Virus method and Detection Techniques can be classified as follows:

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How does antivirus software work?

Understanding how anti-virus software works are not as complex as it seems.

While there are many types of anti-virus software, the way they work is called Virus Detection Techniques is almost the same.

Being familiar with these techniques can help you understand how antivirus software works.

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