What is Antivirus? Complete Information

What is Antivirus? Complete Information

If you are a computer user, what is the Virus possible? And you will know about the side effects caused by the virus on a system!

As per the update, the latest definition files from the update will also be torn and identify a new virus.

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 Viruses are malicious programs for any computer. The purpose of this is to destroy the information contained in a computer. There can be many reasons for a virus to enter a computer. Therefore, protecting the computer system from viruses should be the first priority of a user. Now the question comes, how to protect the computer from viruses?

Just like every problem is solved, similarly, Antivirus has the task of keeping the computer safe from viruses. Yes, Antivirus is very important to have in any system. In the presence of a good Antivirus program, your computer prevents viruses coming from various sources like the Internet, Pen Drive, USB Drive, etc. from being installed on the computer. So if you want to know what is antivirus? This article is for you how it works. Because in this article we are going to get a lot of information related to Antivirus.

What is Antivirus - What is Antivirus?

In simple words, "Antivirus is a software or program that works to delete all the Virus programs secreted in the computer." Antivirus is also known as anti -malware software. Because it can detect and delete malicious programs like Malware, Spy-ware, etc. in the system.

Antivirus is primarily designed to detect and destroy viruses hidden in the system. At present, antivirus of state-of-the-art technology in a system, Ad-ware, Spy-ware, Ransom ware, Key-loggers, Backdoor, Trojan Horse, etc. unfortunately protects the user's data from the program. Along with this, it is important to know here that Antivirus is being used not only in computer systems but in many places to protect the user from online attacks from social engineering, internet banking, phishing, etc.

Now the question comes, how does Antivirus protect the system from viruses? How does antivirus work?

Antivirus scans the information available in its database as files. If a pattern in the database is identical (Duplicate) then, in this case, the antivirus gives it the name of the virus.

Whenever a file or program is installed in the system, the antivirus scans the file or software. If any of these files or programs match the specific pointer of the antivirus program. So antivirus classifies that program in the category of viruses. However, each antivirus program has different functionality to perform a virus scan.

When a virus or bug is detected by the antivirus. Then this program makes the user aware of this dangerous program. And it also provides options for treatment to be done with it. The user destroys the virus by choosing one of the options based on his information and suggested options. In this way, our computer becomes safe again.

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