What Is AVG Antivirus? How AVG Works; Its Advantages And Disdvantages

What Is AVG Antivirus? How AVG Works; Its Advantages And Disdvantages

Today, countless people use mobiles and computers, and we all keep our data such as video audio photos etc. on computers and mobiles. And whenever we need, we can use them very easily. But we never think that if our data is stolen or spoiled or is done without our will, then we What to do? There has rarely been such a thing with you that the data on your phone or computer has been damaged and you have not even known the reason for it.

There are only a few reasons for data corruption in the computer or the phone and the biggest reason is virus . Some people hack other people's computers and phones or for their benefit, they hack other people's phones and computer data, to avoid all this we use AVG Antivirus, if you Don't know what is Antivirus? So, in this post we will give you complete information about Antivirus & Which one is the best antivirus.

Antivirus software is a program that searches the viruses coming into the computer and deletes them from the computer and prevents them from entering the computer. This makes our computer more secure. If you use the Internet on your computer. So eating virus malicious on your computer is very easy.

Because there are so many websites on the internet that do just this thing that putting viruses in people's computers and hacking their computers, making their data worse, then we used antivirus in the computer to avoid all these viruses malicious Huh.

Internet usage has started to be much more than before. This is why there is a danger of getting even more dangerous viruses in the computer than before and not all viruses work the same, some viruses are just to hack your computer, some viruses are meant to spoil your data and Some viruses are very dangerous, which can lock in your entire computer data and ask for a ransom in exchange for unlocking it.

AVG Antivirus  scans all the files of our computer and every different antivirus uses different methods while scanning. By which they get to know the difference between our file and virus and they recognize the virus coming in our computer and prevent them from coming into the computer. But the way the virus is scanned or the way the virus is detected is different because different types of viruses are used to detect them. For more detail visit link




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