What Is The History Of Antivirus - History Of Antivirus?

What Is The History Of Antivirus - History Of Antivirus?

70 years ago, the first computer virus was born and the first known computer virus known as creeper virus was the mainframe computer in circulation at that time. So, this virus used to infect the mainframe computer system. Many research works were done to remove this virus.

Eventually, a program was created by "Ray Tomlinson" to destroy the creeper virus, also known as "The Reaper". Several viruses were born after the creeper virus and in 1981, a known virus named "Elk Cloner" was born which attacked the second series computer of the Apple company.

Before the 1980s Internet connectivity was limited due to which viruses spread from one system to another via infected floppy disks. But due to the increasing development of the Internet, viruses started spreading rapidly online.

The first antivirus product was launched in 1987 by a person named "Andres Lining" and "Kai Phase". It was in 1987 that the first version of the antivirus called Virus Scan was launched by the McAfee company. McAfee was a part of the Intel Security Company.

By the year 1988, the number of companies manufacturing many anti-viruses increased.

According to the statement stated by Fred Cohan in 1987, "There is no algorithm that can provide complete information about possible computer viruses", but at present, through antivirus, a large number of information about these secret viruses has been obtained. Taxes can be Liquidated.

The Computer Antivirus Research Organization (CARO) was established in 1990. In 1992 AVG technology was developed. And in the same year the first version of Anti-Virus Guard i.e. the popular AVG antivirus was launched. Thus over time, attention was paid to the creation of antivirus programs by various companies.

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